Monday, April 16, 2007

Chicken, Peppers & Pasta

1/2 red pepper, cut up
1/2 green pepper, cut up
1/2 yellow pepper, cut up
red onion (you decide how much)
tomatoes, cut up (optional)
2-3 chicken breasts
penne noodles
1 jar alfredo sauce (I use Ragu Classic Alfredo)
cajun seasoning (I use Tony Cachere's)

In a pot cook penne noodles (I don't even know how much I use - what ever looks good or falls into the pot). While the noodles cook...

Cut chicken into small pieces. Cook in pan & season with pepper and cajun seasoning.

Cook peppers & onion in frying pan. Add tomatoes at very end if wanted.

Drain noodles. Add chicken, pepper mix, and alfredo sauce. Mix well.

This is really easy to make and I can never have just one serving. If your husbands don't like veggies (like mine) this is one way for them eat them.